Tools for Your Business

We are always looking for tools that are affordable, powerful, easy to implement and user friendly. When we find somethint that meets our high standards we post it here. Are they the absolute best? Who knows. What we do is that we have tested and used them.

Full disclosure - we might (and we say might) get paid if you use the links for any of these. Most of the time we don't ask for or get anything, but sometimes we are partners or resellers. It's not a lot of money and we wouldn't post anything we didn't absolutely believe in no matter what they paid.

This Expert AI for websites amazed even us...

Imagine if you could have something witih the power of Chat GPT running on your website. And what if it was trained on your data - your website, your manuals, your documents, FAQs and other expert knowledge. What would the experience be like for your customes. What could you learn from that

We found this and it knocked our sox off. Our clients are saying the same thing.

We've implemented this in days. We've customized it and created automation. And the first day that we implemented it for one of our customers, they connected with a prospective customer that they had lost touch with. It paid for itself in a day. Now that's a business case. Check out our blog post.

person using laptop
person using laptop

Hostinger - a hosted website from scratch in just a few hours...

Yes, you can have a "do it yourself" website, designed and hosted in a few hours at an incredibly low price. I haven't done a website in over 20 years. But when we wanted to update our current website, our designer is busy on other projects and couldn't get to this for a few weeks. So I thought - how hard can it be? Check it out ...