If you do nothing else with AI in the next few months, this is one idea you can't afford to miss out on.

You can now have the power and conversational impact of ChatGPT and the accuracy of your own documentation on your website. Any company can afford it and it takes little time to implement. And that's just the start.

1/21/20246 min read

The Artificial Intelligence project that every company should implement today

No matter what you think about Artificial Intelligence there is one project that every company, regardless of size, should be adopting.

You need to take the power of generative AI expert to your website. It’s easier than you think and there are big benefits for doing so.

Who wants a chatbot when you can have an AI Expert?

It may look similar, but we are not talking about the webchat that you see on company websites.

Even the most modern of these chatbots are are an enormous effort for little reward

Chatbots require you to first understand all the questions that your visitors might ask. You then have to script the path that they must follow. It’s an enormous amount of work, analysis, and a lot of time from the people who are most knowledgeable about your business to have anything that is vaguely credible.

Then you have to maintain it.

Some companies attempted to add an AI component to their chat to make searching easier. That made some improvement, but it was still an enormous effort.

In the end, the results were unimpressive. Nobody was fooled. These were simple programs that didn’t converse with you, they were a simple for Frequently Asked Questions.

ChatGPT c blew all other options out of the water. It listened and responded like a human being. It answered questions asked in natural language.

But ChatGPT had issues that kept if from being used on a company website.

It could “hallucinate” or in less technical terms – make stuff up. Even if you could find a way to include your website, it might recommend someone else’s products or services. Ooops!

New developments in accuracy make ChatGPT logic available to all

New developments have changed how a chat program can be built. In trying to make AI more accurate a new development called RAG has brought the power of ChatGPT for companies of any size.

RAG is short Retrieval Augmented Generation. It allows you to use the logic of an AI engine like ChatGPT. It also allows you to point it at your own data.

What you get is the incredible natural language abilities of ChatGPT with your data as it’s primary source.

Instead of weeks of whiteboarding all the possible questions that your chat can answer, you can just let it learn from your data. You train it on your website, manuals, PDFs, text and whatever data you have.

When a visitor asks it a question, it will respond with the same natural language abilities as ChatGPT. Only now, it will be your data that it searches. It’s far more accurate than ChatGPT but with all the power of its human like interface.

You can have all of this today – affordably and with a fast implementation.

This has made the power of generative AI available to companies of any size.

Our AI Expert can have any company and running in days (not weeks). It learns from all the information on your website, in your manuals, PDFs, text, frequently asked questions (FAQ) and more. It can be installed in a few minutes.

After its first training session, it will amaze you. It will start engaging with anyone on your site and answer them in natural language with the same abilities as ChatGPT. Only now, it’s using your data to answer questions.

Our initial results have been extraordinary. But like any sophisticated AI, it learns and gets better and better over time.

But there are even more benefits to having an AI expert on your site.

What would you pay to know what your customers are thinking?

Great web designers will tell you that the best design is one that answers the questions that people have when they come to your site. Companies spend a small fortune trying to figure this out. They track the pages read and paths followed.

Companies spend enormous amounts to try to find out what their visitors are thinking.

If you have a huge amount of traffic, and a big budget, this kind of analysis has mixed results. Even with all of the money and time that large companies spend, there are no guarantees. People, it turns out, are not that easy to predict, classify or understand.

So companies turn to surveys and focus groups. They pay for session where they watch people and observe their honest reaction to their products and services.

Why? If you could find out what even a segment of your customers were thinking as they interact with your web presence, it could have a big impact on your customer satisfaction and sales.

No small or medium sized business could afford this. But with an AI Expert on your website, you have the opportunity to listen in on the real questions that your visitors ask.

Self-service that’s not self-serving

You may have also noticed that many of the biggest companies make it hard to talk to a live person. Why? It’s expensive. They put in all kinds of webchats, FAQs and user forums supposedly to answer questions. If our own experience is anything to go by, unless the question is simple and standard, these options are rarely useful.

AI enabled conversations can change that.

What if it can’t answer them?

The new AI Expert chat answers even detailed questions.

Unlike ChatGPT and other large language models, they are far more accurate.If your AI Expert can’t answer, it will tell the person that it doesn’t know the answer.

At that point, it can do more. It can offer to connect you to a live person via immediate email. It can setup an appointment at a mutually convenient time. Even for complex schedules it will negotiate the times like a topflight admin assistant – without the cost.

When it hits these issues, there is an opportunity to fix the issue or train your AI Assistant to give better answers.

Cost savings are important. But even more important is that by answering more questions, the AI Expert also frees up your most experienced and valuable staff who otherwise might be consumed answering questions about issues they have solved and documented.

Finding new customers

Studies have shown that on average, 70% of the customer journey to purchase happens without the potential customer talking to anyone from a vendor organization.

No wonder companies are desperate to follow up on every visit. Anytime they can grab your information, they make that follow up call.

Some organizations follow up in minutes or under a day. This might work in consumer sales, but in business to business, it feels, as one person described it, “creepy.” One famous sales coach called it “commission breath.”

For other organizations, doing the follow up is a right of passage for the “newbies.” For many of these calls, people might not even remember what site they visited or why. The soul destroying “dialing for dollars” is endured until it can be passed to another “newbie.”

But if you knew the nature of a person’s visit. If you knew their issues, how much more powerful would that be? You can prioritize and choose the method of contact based on your understanding of where the person is. A quick email offering help or some addition information can be sent to some. For others, perhaps, it could be “I have the answer to your question.”

Plus, it’s not creepy to follow up on a conversation from a colleague, even if that colleague is an artificial intelligence.


The old chatbot and the new AI Expert are light years apart in terms of their ability and utility. There are immediate benefits in terms of learning about your customer, increased customer satisfaction and even big impacts on sales.

But there is one more reason why your company should adopt this now. Implementing a new technology doesn’t give you any business benefits. The benefits come from the way you change your corporate behaviour, your processes and yes, even your culture.

No matter how much time it takes to implement a new technology, it takes a lot longer to change how you do business.

No matter what we think, there is no question, AI will make huge changes in our organizations. The speed at which that will happen is beyond our imagination.

As we move forward on this accelerated journey to an AI enabled future, companies who are working on this now will be more prepared. Moreover, there is a good business cases, so they will also be “earning while they learn.”

As new developments happen, organizations who move now will be further along the path and ready to continue to reap the rewards of this new and exciting technology.


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