I signed up for WIX, which everyone told me is the easiest do it yourself platform. A day later, I was still trying to learn how to use it. It does a lot of stuff and does it well, but nothing's easy and to make it look good was taking forever. My eyes were glazing over watching their training videos.

We have a web designer - at least our clients have him. We are like the shoemakers children - always going barefoot. We don't change our website often, but when we do, I wanted anyone to be able to do it. We had a WordPress website, but even that took a lot of ramp-up. Especially if you weren't using it all the time. So I took the challenge and set out to find something that anyone could use.

I found Hostinger on a YouTube video and decided to try it out. It intrigued me because supposedly I could take my old Wordpress site directly into the designer program and make changes from there. I didn't bother. It was too easy just to put in the new site from scratch.

Hostinger is fabulous. In less than two hours I had a functioning site that looked pretty darn good. It was hosted and up and running. If I'd done better planning, I could have finished it in a few hours. Everything is drag and drop. The user interface is incredibly easy to figure out. My entire training was watching one intro video that took a few minutes. I never bothered with the rest of the training.

The cost is preposterously low. You could get a hosted site with the built in designer for as little as $2.50 per month (USD) if you take a one year plan. You might want to do that. I was more cautious and paid about $12.00 (USD) for one month.

We have our own servers and I could host this for free, but why bother? With the designer program, I can update the new website faster than I can draft an email to our web designer. Since you run off their name servers, you have to use their email or figure out how to configure your old server but that's not too hard.

Is it for everyone? Maybe not. I haven't found anything it can't do, but I'm sure that we will find something. But if you need a site in a hurry this might be the one you want to start with.

I give it a full five stars for ease of use, cost, time to implement and functionality.

You can get it yourself at hostinger.com

Full disclosure. I think we get 29 cents if you use this link. We aren't recommending this because it pays big bucks :-)

Hostinger - A hosted website in a few hours

And yes, it really does cost next to nothing.